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Cosmetic Dentistry in Dickson, TN

smile1-300x200 Smile Makeover dentist DicksonSmile makeover is the process of transforming an imperfect or dull smile into a dazzling one through a combination of dental treatments. It is recommended to individuals that are not satisfied with the appearance of their smile. After a smile makeover, patients usually enjoy a boost of confidence and the feeling of being more comfortable in their own skin.

Dr. Dave’s Healthy Smiles understands our patients have unique needs and concerns about their smiles, and our expertise allows us to recommend creative, individualized solutions to those problems. Our dentists can also identify any health or functional problems that can be addressed and improved at the time of the smile makeover.

What Does A Smile Makeover Include?

Every smile makeover is uniquely customized to the needs of the individual patient. Patients may be concerned about tooth discoloration, tooth shape/size, the spacing or alignment of the teeth, gapped or crowded teeth and/or excessive gum tissue. Our dentists consult with every patient individually to ascertain what bothers them about their smile and formulate a plan to address those issues.

In general, smile makeovers include any combination of the following procedures/treatments:

Although a smile makeover is primarily cosmetic in nature, circumstances may require the replacement of a missing or weak tooth or the strengthening of a compromised tooth if needed. If possible, only advanced tooth-colored dental restorations will be used. The goal is a complete, healthy and functioning smile.

Smile Makeover Treatment Details

smile2-300x143 Smile Makeover dentist DicksonThe first step to a smile makeover is a complete evaluation to determine whether a smile makeover is appropriate. Our dentists perform a comprehensive exam, looking for aspects of the teeth or gums that could be improved by a smile makeover, and listening to the requests and goals of the patient. They also look for signs of gum disease and oral health problems; if a patient has gum disease, a dental infection or another issue, those problems must be addressed before proceeding with the smile makeover.

Once the dentist has an understanding of what the patient desires, they can recommend the combination of treatments most likely to help the patient achieve those goals. The patient can decide what they feel comfortable with and what they would like to address first.

When planning and executing the procedures and treatments that make up a smile makeover, our dentists carefully consider the unique qualities of the patient – i.e., facial appearance, hair and skin color, and the shape of the lips. Treatment can be customized according to the patient’s unique characteristics and aesthetic preferences.

Some smile makeovers can be completed in a single appointment, and others may require multiple office visits — it depends on the scope of the treatment plan. Certain patients want to achieve their final results as quickly as possible, and others opt to stage out their smile makeover over several months or longer, for convenience or cost reasons.

Contact Dr. Dave’s Healthy Smiles

To discuss your unique smile makeover goals with our talented cosmetic dentists, please request a consultation at our practice. Call our Dickson office at 615-813-4303.

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